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  1. *This article includes text from the public domain " Ships of the United States Navy : Christening, Launching and Commissioning, Second Edition ", prepared for and published by the Naval History Division of the Department of the Navy, Washington, D . C ., 1975.
  2. "' Ernest McNeill Eller "'( 23 January 1903 & ndash; 30 July 1992 ) was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, who served as Director of Naval History, Naval History Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations from 1956 to 1970.
  3. Morgan joined the Naval Historical Center in 1952, when it was the Naval History Division of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations ( Op-09B9 ), Navy Department, serving under the successive Directors of Naval History, Rear Admiral John B . Heffernan, Rear Admiral Ernest M . Eller, Vice Admiral Edwin B . Hooper, Rear Admiral John D . H . Kane.
  4. As a result of this in the late 1950s, Clark's work came to the attention of the Director of Naval History, Rear Admiral Ernest M . Eller at the Naval History Division of the Navy Department ( now the Naval Historical Center ) and the head of the Early History Branch in that office, Dr . William J . Morgan, who in turn was succeeded by Dr . William S . Dudley, and then by Dr . Michael J . Crawford.


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