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  1. We seek no title nor retribution .
  2. There is no title of crown prince in england , and the duke of cornwall is often equated to crown prince .
    イギリスには王太子 (Crown Prince) という称号はないため、ウェールズ公爵の称号と、王太子という呼称はしばしば同一視される。
  3. At the time when shinsengumi was employed as mercenaries by the tokugawa bakufu in july , 1867 , he was recorded as a hira-doshi (a fellow troop with no title ).
  4. (number of rank , rank of priest , special title , gakkai [knowledge rank of priest , hierarchy )(qualification , color of clerical garment )(for no title , written as ' nil ' )
    (級数?僧階?特遇称号?学階?教階)(資格認定?色衣) (称号が無い場合は無と記載する)
  5. However , there was no title as ' a student of japanese poetry ' in daigaku-ryo (bureau of education under the ritsuryo system ), and it was actually fujiwara no kinto who used a changed name .
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