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  1. But anakin and obiwan had not counted on the treacherous cunning of ohnaka and his band
    しかしアナキンとオビ=ワンがオーナカと武装強盗団の 裏切り行為を予想もしていなかった
  2. However , sokei is not counted as one of the heads of the raku family in the family tree; there are a lot of mysteries about him .
  3. Other that , there was a disciple of utaemon who claimed fukusuke nakamura in edo era , but normally is not counted as a generation .
  4. In some cases , some performers lacked skills as artists and were not counted in the number ordering of successive myoseki generations .
  5. However , like the first child , the child was disabled , and was exiled on a boat made of reed , and not counted in the number of children .


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