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  1. The people who just received jukai but without issue of the principle image , are called naitoku (内得 ) believers and are not counted in the numbers of official believers .
  2. This is not counted as a succession to the professional name because it was not made official and both kanji ' 松緑 ' and ' 松録 ' were used for the name .
  3. It is said there were two second generations , and one of them was an actor who later became matasaburo murayama the second , but he is usually not counted in because he died young .
  4. In around 1422 , motomasa seemed to succeed to the position of kanze-dayu from his father (however , the later kanze school does not count motomasa among the past leaders ).
  5. Although saku-no-miya succeeded to the miyake , he did not live in the miyake ' s residence , therefore sometimes he is not counted as a member of the katsura-no-miya clan .


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