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  1. The bakufu was established as an extension of the private household administration of yoritomo (lord kamakura ) and as such , did not count as a public institution according to the standards of the day .
  2. In japan he is known as one of the seven deities of good fortune however there was a time when he was not counted as one of the seven deities as he was thought to be the same as the deity fukurokuju (shojo orangutan-like god was included ).
  3. According to the ' takajirocho history ,' those including kiyomasa kato and suketaka ito , who shared the borders with the shimazu clain , provided support including materials in secret , although they are not counted as a direct military power .
  4. Sometimes , the number order of generations was adjusted to reflect an auspicious/lucky number , and there is a custom of not counting zenza-mei (preliminary names ) as myoseki (conceivably a major inconsistency in defining the numbering of generations ).
  5. In kendo (japanese art of fencing ), zan-shin refers to bracing oneself to be able to instantly respond to the opponent ' s attack or counterattack by maintaining the state of alertness; without zan-shin , the attack is not counted as yuko-datotsu (a point ) even if it is accurately made against the opponent .


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