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  1. Also , there are other shoroku onoe including shoroku onoe (kyogokuya ) who performed actively in osaka during the end of edo period through early meiji period and shoroku onoe (disciple of matsunosuke onoe ) who acted in films during the taisho period through early showa period; however , they are not counted as official successions .
  2. Furthermore , as jnr defined that a box lunch without ' cooked rice ' is not counted among ekiben , ' soba bento ' (box lunch containing buckwheat noodle ) sold at oshamambe station , ' sandwiches ' sold at ofuna station and others were not recognized as ekiben until the last days of jnr ' s management .
  3. Through the main branch of the family of fujiwara no yoshifusa of fujiwara hokke (fujiwara hoku family ), in the early kamakura period , fujiwara no tadamichi ' s sons , motozane konoe and kanezane kujo established the sekkan family (sekkan-ke ) of the konoe group and kujoryu sekkan-ke , a regent family , respectively; this resulted in the division of the main branch of the family into two families (although there was , in addition the matsudono family of the sekkan family (sekkannke ) of the matsudono group , the originator of which was motofusa matsudono , who was also a son of tadamichi; but , the matsudono family is not counted as sekke , with the two families because , after moroie matsudono became regent , no one from the matsudono family became a regent or chief advisor of the emperor and the family line failed many times ).


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