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  1. At least 25, 000 people holding banners that read " No to War " and " Not in Our Name " marched to the edge of the Rota Naval and Air Base, which is shared with U . S . forces.
  2. "They probably realize now that you're going to see more demonstrators than convention delegates and they'd better cater to them, too, " said Tanya Mayo, national organizer for Not in Our Name, one of the groups seeking the park permit.
  3. In 2015 her song " Bomb Babies " was chosen as the opening track for the pro-peace anti-war album " Not In Our Name ", a collaboration of singers and musicians, songwriters and poets, the CD released in December 2015.
  4. In addition, the Police Department has reached an agreement with another antiwar group, Not in Our Name, for a rally on Eighth Avenue south of 31st Street on the evening of Sept . 2, when President Bush is scheduled to accept his party's nomination.
  5. I stood up with my arms raised in a gesture of nonviolence and said " Not in our name " to Dr Rowan Williams, who was attempting to lead the congregation, which included a number of African people, to their knees to beg God's forgiveness for slavery.


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