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  1. He is a member of Not In Our Name, an anti-Zionist group and has participated each week since the mid 2000s in a picket of Chapters Indigo bookstore on Bay Street.
  2. About 500 protesters took part in demonstrations late Wednesday afternoon that drew mostly members of non-governmental activist organizations including Greenpeace, Not in Our Name, and Catholics for the Right to Decide.
  3. The website took its name from a June 2005 article by feminist activist Aura Bogado, who protested the promotion of Flynt's support by the anti-war group Not in Our Name.
  4. PABAAH was formed by Jon Alvarez ( born April 11, 1966 ) in reaction to the " Not in Our Name " Internet petition against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which included many celebrity signatures.
  5. The group marched through the park carrying banners emblazoned with slogans in Chinese, English and Spanish, some of them reading " Not in our name, " and " No War ."


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