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  1. About 20 young people outside a university building chanted " Stop the occupation " and held up banners saying " Osama Bu $ h Laden " and " Not in our name ."
  2. The result of the debate was "'weak-consensus to delete "', but I don't forsee any objections to someone writing a section on this in the Not in Our Name article.
  3. "It can be hard to get people to come out to a protest march, " said Kinberg, an organizer with the anti-war group Not In Our Name . " But going to the movie seems safer.
  4. The evening event, billed as a peace vigil _ with the theme " War _ Not in Our Name " _ drew many of its participants from the large community of foreign non-governmental workers in Cambodia.
  5. But until more people install the proper tools and come to expect signatures, PGP won't help Clark Kissinger, who found anti-Israeli messages sent under his anti-war petition drive, Not in Our Name.


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