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  1. In 2015 Alisha Sufit contributed two tracks to the anti-war pro-peace Not In Our Name CD ( album )  a song entitled Mr Blair and a poem entitled Bliar, the latter read by David Erdos.
  2. ""'Not in Our Name CD " "'is a pro-peace album in support of the victims of the Iraq War featuring jazz, folk and classical music, songs and poetry.
  3. "Not in Our Name : ` Dead Men Walking'_ The Concert, " a fund-raiser at the Shrine Auditorium here on Sunday night, was a rarity in the world of pop and rock benefits.
  4. Another anti-war group, Not in Our Name, called on workers to call out sick and business owners to close up shop Wednesday as part of a " national moratorium to stop the war on Iraq ."
  5. The march and rally were organized by New York Not in Our Name, a coalition of more than 100 groups, many of them formed in the past three weeks, said Leslie Cagan, one of the event's organizers.


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