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  1. Kazan came to be on good terms with tomonobu as one of his chamberlains , and this close relationship led to tomonobu ' s willing provision of funds when kazan wanted to purchase foreign books .
  2. This decision was based on noriyasu and tadakata both being " open country and commerce wing ," as well as the fact that noriyasu and naosuke were on good terms with each other and exchanged personal letters .
  3. Yoshihiro had originally been on good terms with the second brother yoshikata , and he and yoshikata went to kanto at about the same time , threatening their eldest brother yoshitomo ' s sphere of influence with their cooperation .
  4. When hideyoshi died in 1598 , tadaoki , now a daimyo (feudal lord ) of the military faction in his own right , was in conflict with mitsunari ishida and his comrades in the administrative faction and on good terms with ieyasu tokugawa .
  5. It can be verified with various diaries and letters that after the formation of the satsuma-choshu alliance , he acted to develop friendship between them further and was on good terms with takayoshi kido , yajiro shinagawa and so on .


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