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  1. It is also said that at first naomasa was not on good terms with yasumasa sakakibara , who was the same age as tadakatsu , however , it seems they became closer through acting together after ieyasu entered kanto .
  2. For this reason , the conflict between masakado and mamoru became more serious and so did the one between maki and his uncle , taira no kunika , who maki were not on good terms with and who was in favor of mamoru ' s side with a matrimonial relation with mamoru .
  3. It is said that she was not on good terms with tadahiro ' s legal wife , ikuhime (who was a daughter of narinobu shimazu and an adopted daughter of narioki shimazu ) and with ikushima , ikuhime ' s attendant and joro (high rank woman servant in the imperial court ).
  4. At this time , okiyo-o , who had become musashi gon no kami (a provisional governor of musashi province ), was not on good terms with kudara no sadatsura , musashi no kuni-no kami , who had just been appointed as a zuryo; this led okiyo-o to abandon his assigned region and seek refuge with masakado .
  5. " kujiki " of mononobe shinto describes that amaterasu omikami is ohirumemuchi no mikoto , while hiruko is ohirukomuchi no mikoto and that nigihayahi no mikoto who was on good terms with emperor jinmu in later years was a direct descendant of hiruko .


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