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  1. Incidentally , it is known that jufukuin and hoshunin were on very bad terms (although hoshuin seems to have been on good terms with other concubines , because she petitioned the bakufu [japanese feudal government headed by a shogun ] to appoint toshitaka maeda , another concubine ' s son , as a daimyo [japanese feudal lord ]) .
  2. In 1015 , keien , now a daisojo (a priest of the highest rank in the highest managerial position ), submitted a recommendation on the occasion of his own retirement that ryoen be appointed a risshi (the third rank of priest following sojo and sozu ), but because keien was not on good terms with the powerful fujiwara no michinaga , michinaga opposed this move and thus it did not happen .
  3. There is a theory that he was out of favor with the eldest brother tokihira , because his wife , minamoto no junshi , was the daughter (or the adopted daughter by some theories ) of emperor uda , and because he was on good terms with the emperor ' s close advisor sugawara no michizane , both of whom were in conflict with tokihira . (it is also possible that junshi was michizane ' s niece; see minamoto no junshi for the details .)


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