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  1. Her artwork has been exhibited at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto, Carleton University Art Gallery, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, OBORO Gallery, Gallery One One One and FitzGerald Study Centre at the University of Winnipeg.
  2. His curatorial work includes 9 years as a curator at the Technical University of Nova Scotia School of Architecture ( Daltech ) and freelance work for various galleries, including the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art in Winnipeg . ( From 1995 to 2005, Eyland was vice-president of the board of Plug In . ) He was the director of Gallery One One One at the University of Manitoba from 1998 to 2010.
  3. Lyrically, it speaks about a love stronger than a gunshot, and according to Stacy-Ann Ellis of " Billboard ", Rihanna's cry to the love police in the song, can be heard in the lines, " Broken heart was the case / go'on and put him away / He's the only one one one / I let get the best of me . " According to Melissa Maerz of " Entertainment Weekly ", the up stated lines " doesn t sound like she has forgiven " Chris Brown for the 2009 domestic violence case.
  4. The band's releases since " Blackjazz " have continued in a similar style, albeit often with more concise songs . " Live Blackjazz " contains material from " In the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be a Monster ", " Grindstone ", and " Blackjazz " performed in the style of the band's then-most-recent album . " One One One " continues the industrial metal / jazz hybrid of " Blackjazz ", but with much shorter songs; none of the album's nine songs reaches the five-minute mark . " International Blackjazz Society " continues in the same vein, but the songs are somewhat longer, and many of them are linked continuously.


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