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  1. Various Operational Support Units ( OSUs ) manned by volunteers are attached to Fire Districts and Brigades across New Zealand, which provide non-firefighting assistance at large-scale incidents.
  2. Six operational support units ( OSUs ) have been established to provide specially skilled officers trained in over ground search, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear ( CBRN ) response.
  3. ""'Backup " "'is a BBC crime drama series, focusing on the work of a police Operational Support Unit, similar to the Territorial Support Group.
  4. New "'operational support units "'( OSU ) were purchased in 2008, each costing ?3, 800 and replacing a number of aging vehicles such as damage control tenders and breathing apparatus tenders.
  5. In 1934 the Aviation Regiment was renamed His Majesty's Air Troops, comprising a headquarters, with two army orlyaks ( based at Bozhurishte and Plovdiv airfields ), a training orlyak ( in Plovdiv ), a maritime yato ( at NAS Chaika, Varna ) and additional operational support units.


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