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  1. Believing that Hayes'participation in the Lookout project as bookkeeper and skilled mitigator of the demands of demanding bands was essential, the 16-year old Appelgren clearly not being ready for the role, Livermore tried a last-ditch effort to retain Hayes with the label, offering to take over all mundane operational tasks while leaving Hayes with " half the profits " as financial coordinator and public face of the organization.
  2. Like most German aircraft produced in World War II, the Bf 109 G-series was designed to adapt to different operational tasks with greater versatility; larger modifications to fulfil a specific mission task, such as long-range reconnaissance or long-range fighter-bomber, were with " R黶tstand " and given a " / R " suffix, smaller modifications on the production line or during overhaul, such as equipment changes, were made with kits of pre-packaged parts known as " Umr黶t-Baus鋞ze ", usually contracted to " Umbau " and given a " / U " suffix.
  3. "' Commander, U . S . Marine Corps Forces Command "'( COMMARFORCOM ), headquartered at the Naval Support Activity Center in Norfolk, Virginia, commands service retained-operating forces; executes force sourcing and synchronization to affect force generation actions in the provisioning of joint capable Marine Corps forces, and directs deployment planning and execution of service retained-operating forces in support of Combatant Commander ( CCDR ) and service requirements; serves as Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic ( CG FMFLANT ) and commands embarked Marine Corps forces; coordinates Marine Corps-Navy integration of operational initiatives and advises CDR U . S . Fleet Forces Command ( USFF ) on support to Marine Corps forces assigned to naval ships, bases, and installations; conducts Service directed operational tasks as required.


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