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  1. Operational tasks of the intercept stations were assigned based on the metrics : geographical location, their size and equipment and the quality of reception in the short, medium and long wave band.
  2. They will also recommend the EU release the equivalent of dlrs 35.3 million from the budgetary reserve for projects in Bosnia, and establish an operational task force to integrate all EU activities in the country.
  3. The scope of this approach to risk management is to enable all strategic, management and operational tasks of an organization throughout projects, functions, and processes to be aligned to a common set of risk management objectives.
  4. The new commanding officer of the 21 LAA Regt, Lt-Col Martin Saunders, was called to the War Office in the third week of November to be given instructions on the regiment s destination and operational tasks.
  5. Operational tasks include organizing home bouts, organizing fundraising events to offset the cost for operating the league, promoting the sport of roller derby, recruiting and training skaters and volunteers, among other tasks necessary to run a business.


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