operational taskの例文


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  1. After consideration of every management alternative, the District hired a core group of employees to operate and manage all the facilities and will continue to rely heavily on contract services for many of the day-to-day operational tasks.
  2. In addition to its operational task of converting young pilots out of school, 5 JFS is also responsible for ensuring the protection of the port of Le Havre and the surrounding area, and is under the command of Stab / JG 2.
  3. In May 2016, shortly before NATO summit, Piskorski was detained by Poland's Internal Security Agency on the charges of " cooperation with Russian intelligence services, meeting intelligence officers and undertaking operational tasks from them as well as accepting payments ".
  4. On 23 April 1943, SS-Hauptsturmf黨rer Giese took over from Schultz; and Codd's operational task was again reworked, with his assignment as a radio operator for a mission into Northern Ireland, although nothing appears to have happened regarding this.
  5. Beside the payload, the other main component of a communications satellite is called the bus, which comprises all equipment required to move the satellite into position, supply power, regulate equipment temperatures, provide health and tracking information, and perform numerous other operational tasks.


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