ornamental tree and shrubsの例文


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  1. The island has a mixed vegetation, including hardwood tree stands, remnant pear and apple orchards, ornamental trees and shrubs, and salt marsh grasses.
  2. Hamilton imported many ornamental trees and shrubs from America, including American oaks and swamp cypresses, and was among the first to grow rhododendrons in England.
  3. The boom economy and last year's drought have combined to create a national shortage of ornamental trees and shrubs for home and commercial landscaping, growers say.
  4. You'd have to look pretty hard to find a nurseryman as nice or as knowledgeable as Roger Gossler, especially on his specialty, ornamental trees and shrubs.
  5. Cornell Cooperative Extension also has a very good paperback called " Pruning : an Illustrated Guide to Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs " by Donald Rakow and Richard Weir.


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