oscillator circuitの例文


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  1. Panasonic Corporation in 2009 developed a consumer induction cooker that uses a higher-frequency magnetic field, and a different oscillator circuit design, to allow use with non-ferrous metals.
  2. The sawtooth wave is not a separate oscillator circuit, but instead is derived from the sum of 5 pulse waves, generating a 64-step " staircase " waveform to emulate a sawtooth pattern.
  3. The "'Armstrong oscillator "'( also known as the "'Meissner oscillator "') is an LC electronic oscillator circuit which uses an inductor and capacitor to generate an oscillation.
  4. Vack醂 then describes an oscillator circuit due to Radioslavia in 1945 that maintained " a comparatively constant amplitude over a wide frequency range . " Vack醂 reports that VFO circuit being used by the Czechoslovak Post Office since 1946.
  5. For example, with some oscillator circuits, the presence of an ordinary wire within a few centimeters of the active components may change the amplitude or frequency of oscillations, or even prevent the circuit from oscillating at all.


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