oscillator frequencyの例文


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  1. By using a local oscillator frequency of 5.150 GHz the IF will be 950 1, 450 MHz which is, again, in the receiver's IF tuning range.
  2. The pentagrid converter in either guise operated extremely well, but it suffered from the limitation that a strong signal was able to'pull'the oscillator frequency away from a weaker signal.
  3. In some usage, Soft Sync means a sync intended to nudge and lock the slave oscillator into the same or an integer or fractional multiple of the master oscillator frequency when they both have similar phases.
  4. This arose from the instrument's reliance on the then-current method of exponential conversion of voltage to oscillator frequency, an approach also implemented, with fewer tuning issues, on analog synthesizers by other companies.
  5. When an oscillator is subjected to a mechanical action such as vibration or shock, its oscillation frequency changes and the result is a signal at the base oscillator frequency, frequency-modulated by the mechanical " signal ".


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