oscillator frequencyの例文


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  1. GPSDOs typically phase-align the internal flywheel oscillator to the GPS signal by using dividers to generate a 1PPS signal from the reference oscillator, then phase comparing this 1PPS signal to the GPS-generated 1PPS signal and using the phase differences to control the local oscillator frequency in small adjustments via the tracking loop.
  2. A drawback of resonant coupling is that at close ranges when the two resonant circuits are tightly coupled, the resonant frequency of the system is no longer constant but " splits " into two resonant peaks, so the maximum power transfer no longer occurs at the original resonant frequency and the oscillator frequency must be tuned to the new resonance peak.
  3. :: : I don't know if the detector vans were real or not, but it's easy to find a superheterodyne receiver ( the sort of radio receiver used just about everywhere these days ) : just attach a directional antenna to a receiver tuned to either the target's likely local oscillator frequency or their likely intermediate frequency.
  4. For example, to downconvert the incoming signals from Astra 1KR, which transmits in a frequency block of 10.70 11.70 GHz, to within a standard European receiver's IF tuning range of 950 2, 150 MHz, a 9.75 GHz local oscillator frequency is used, producing a block of signals in the band 950 1, 950 MHz.
  5. The B-300 FSG ( Frequency Synthesized Guitorgan ) models, introduced in the early 70s along with the B-35, are based on a master oscillator circuit utilizing a special 12-note divider integrated circuit which is an improvement to the older 12 oscillator design, the advantage being that tuning the FSG organ circuit only requires adjustment of the master oscillator frequency rather than adjustment of each of the 12 oscillator frequencies on the older models.


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