pcr analysisの例文


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  1. PCR analysis of 16S rRNA sequences of " Haemobartonella spp . " showed greater similarity to those of Mollicutes than to those of the family Anaplasmataceae in the order Rickettsiales to which they were previously thought to belong.
  2.  [ t ] he inability to analyze nuclear DNA indicates that such DNA is either not present or present in sufficiently low copy number to prevent PCR analysis using methods available at the present time . 
  3. It is unclear whether defense attorneys will next call Pulitzer Prize winner Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR analysis to the witness stand, or offer the testimony of Terry Speed, to dispute how DNA test results are expressed in statistical terms.
  4. Unlike traditional PCR analysis, RAPD does not require any specific knowledge of the DNA sequence of the target organism : the identical 10-mer primers will or will not amplify a segment of DNA, depending on positions that are complementary to the primers'sequence.
  5. :: So if any " one " infection is caused by a main culprit, why don't we have a PCR analysis to know what it is and subsequently treat that special one, avoiding to use antibiotics on viral infections or resistant strains?


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