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  1. But the mutation of this gene has not been found in those samples by pcr - sscp and this indicated that this gene might carry out its function through up - regulation or down - regulation
  2. With strong specificity and easy to manipulation , this simple , inexpensive , rapid molecular beacon hybridization technique permits visual monitoring of gene point mutation and snp , which shows better advantage than pcr - sscp . 2
  3. The research results further prove that resistance to rifampin in mycobacterium tuberculosis resulted from the rpob gene mutation and pcr - sscp can quickly detect rifampin resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates
  4. Compared with the results of dma direct sequencing , pcr - sscp has the same results as that except for failing to check out the rpob gene mutation of a rifampin - resistant isolate . it proves that pcr - sscp is a rapid and sensitive mutation testing method
  5. To investigate the distribution of gene mutations in lpl and to study the relationship between lpl mutations and plasma lipid , the lpl gene ( exon5 ~ 9 including intron - exon boundaries ) was examined by pcr - sscp analysis , and the amplified products showing abnormal pattern on sscp were sequenced using dideoxy - mediated chain - termination


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