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  1. PCRE, on the other hand, has almost all of the features that a regular expression library can have, but has unpredictable run-time and memory usage and can grow unbounded.
  2. "' Perl Compatible Regular Expressions "'( "'PCRE "') is a regular expression POSIX regular expression flavors and than that of many other regular-expression libraries.
  3. A number of prominent open-source programs, such as the Apache HTTP Server and the PHP and R scripting languages, incorporate the PCRE library; proprietary software can do likewise ( BSD license ).
  4. In addition to the PCRE library, the distribution includes a POSIX C wrapper, a native C + + wrapper, several test programs, and the utility program pcregrep built in tandem with the library.
  5. Starting in 1997, Philip Hazel developed PCRE ( Perl Compatible Regular Expressions ), which attempts to closely mimic Perl's regex functionality and is used by many modern tools including PHP and Apache HTTP Server.


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