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  1. Several " high-fidelity " DNA polymerases, having engineered 3'to 5'exonuclease activity, have become available that permit more accurate amplification for use in PCRs for sequencing or cloning of products.
  2. Because UDG does not react with dUTP, and is also inactivated by heat denaturation prior to the actual PCR, carry-over contamination of PCRs can be controlled effectively if the contaminants contain uracils in place of thymines.
  3. In 2003 " Argus " was deployed again to the Gulf as part of a 33 ship fleet to support a British amphibious assault of the Al-Faw Peninsula . " Argus " operated in its PCRS role.
  4. At universities, chemistry or biology research are usually carried out in labs and involve, but are not limited to, reacting chemicals, running PCRs, running assays, etc . . . But how does pure, theoretical math research look like?
  5. As a continuation of their efforts, Metro Parks Tacoma's Management Plan is being established to help Metro Parks Tacoma guide the PCRS and other public and private interests and agencies in efforts to restore the Puget Creek Natural Area and raise awareness about the surrounding watershed.


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