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  1. Typically, primer design that includes a check for potential secondary structures in the primers, or addition of DMSO or glycerol to the PCR to minimize secondary structures in the DNA template, are used in the optimization of PCRs that have a history of failure due to suspected DNA hairpins.
  2. The restriction enzyme DpnI can recognize 5'- GmeATC-3'sites and digest the methylated DNA . Being such a short motif, it occurs frequently in sequences by chance, and as such its primary use for researchers is to degrade template DNA following PCRs ( PCR products lack methylation, as no methylases are present in the reaction ).
  3. PCR methods that have been developed are based on the 16S rRNA gene, the hsp65 gene, or the insertion sequence IS2404 . evaluated two nested PCRs : the nested IS2404-based PCR and the nested 16S rRNA gene-based PCR . IS2404-based PCR was positive only with " M . ulcerans " isolates and the closely related " M . shinshuense ".
  4. "Terrell County " then returned again to Ving T鄒, relieving tank landing ship " Washoe County " as " Seafloat " support vessel, providing fuel, ammunition, and communications support for a brood of smaller craft . She also assisted the landing craft repair ship by receiving " Krishna " s stores from provision ships and delivering them, and by also serving as a platform upon which " Krishna " s mail and spare parts could be helicoptered in . " Terrell County " also provided repair and maintenance services for PCFs and smaller craft, such as PCRs.


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