pemphigus vulgarisの例文


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  1. Abnormal distribution of plakoglobin due to mutations in genes encoding for Desmoglein 1 and 3 have also been implicated in Pemphigus vulgaris.
  2. Research into using genetically modified T-cells to treat pemphigus vulgaris in mice was reported in 2016 and holds promise as a potential curative therapy.
  3. A very similar non-infectious condition is seen in the autoimmune skin disorder pemphigus vulgaris in which there is an IgG antibody against the cadherin desmoglein 3.
  4. In an 1886 publication of " Vierteljahrsschrift f黵 Dermatologie und Syphilis ", he described a type of pemphigus vulgaris, which later became known as Pemphigus vegetans of Neumann.
  5. A divorce, working two jobs, a car accident _ even the physical stress of a tattoo _ resulted in horrible blistering that eventually was diagnosed as a rare autoimmune disorder, pemphigus vulgaris.


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