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  1. Aside from his perpetually running nose, his surprisingly excellent skills in the game and being the only unlockable character, not much is known about this Pen Pen.
  2. And the game itself is framed, by an opening cartoon that says hello and by an image that waves goodnight : a Pen Pen sleeping, Snoopy-like, above his house.
  3. ,known simply as " "'Pen Pen " "'in Europe, is a video game created by one of the first Japanese companies to reveal Dreamcast development, General Entertainment, otherwise known as LAND HO !.
  4. For something completely different ( and geared to younger children ), Pen Pen Tri-Icelon ( published by Infogrames, $ 39.99, for all ages ), a penguin racing game from Japan, is worth picking up.
  5. Catapult Candyland forward 50 years, spin it through a Sega Dreamcast, and you have Pen Pen Tri-Icelon, a rock-candy mountain of crystalline imagery that will inspire the next generation of saucer eyes and small drooly mouths.


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