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  1. Piggs Peak is named after an early resident, William Pigg, who discovered a gold reef here on 26 March 1884.
  2. Mining in the early 19th century was the dominant industry with mines located in Ngwenya mine, Bulembu, Piggs Peak and other areas.
  3. After the opening of the new Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital in 1927, the old hospital building was used to house a portion of the Piggs Peak Nazarene Primary School.
  4. Several wood pulp factories in Piggs Peak area were closed by the absence of 5, 000 to 6, 000 workers, an editor at the Times of Swaziland said Monday.
  5. Gold deposits were first recorded around Piggs Peak during modern times in 1872 and in 1884 a gold-bearing reef was discovered in the hills to the west by the prospector, William Pigg, after whom the town is named.


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