piggy backの例文


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  1. So to save time they got car 15 then the piggy back because there was no reason to get the train then the piggy back.
  2. VTR hopes to piggy back off the penetration of its cable television service, which reaches 220, 000 homes, to provide local telephone services, company officials said.
  3. Thereafter, he worked in various jobs until 1991, when he became the director of support services for a Harlem drug rehabilitation program known as Phase Piggy Back.
  4. He said it was critical that the new partner have its own customer base and a lot of existing routes on which the Postal Service could piggy back.
  5. It's called a Piggy Back bird feeder, and it consists of a short black tube of recycled plastic with two small perches and two tiny trays for seed.


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