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  1. In order to circumvent other methods that Nintendo created, to stop unlicensed developers ( 10NES ), HES developed the'Piggy Back'or'Dongle'games, where one could insert an official NES cart into the HES game and it operated the country code of the official title instead of HES '.
  2. Barnard designed the idea of the heterotopic ( or " piggy back " transplant ) in which the patient's diseased heart is left in place while the donor heart is added, essentially forming a " double heart . " Barnard performed the first such heterotopic heart transplant in 1974.
  3. "Visa has always believed that this program was an attempt by American Express to improperly piggy back on the Visa name, and we are pleased to have a legal settlement that puts an end to it, " said Michael Beindorff, Visa's executive vice president for marketing and product management.
  4. The VG projector gets more active members that can contribute to the review and editing process, and you and your collaborators can piggy back on those process as well as the knowledge base of the senior members . ( talk 21 : 26, 28 October 2010 ( UTC ))
  5. "When you mention Attica, a lot of things come back to me, and I'm not the same person, " said Nieves, who was homeless for several years in Manhattan, addicted to drugs and alcohol, before getting a boost from his second wife, and Clark of Phase Piggy Back in Harlem.


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