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  1. Near the temple is a pipal tree called the " Moksh Piplo " and said to have been there since the time of Krishna.
  2. The Pride Group of hotels has a business hotel on the M . A . R, while other business hotels like The Pipal Tree is operational.
  3. He founded the religion of Buddhism after he attained true wisdom under a Pipal tree at Bodhgaya and later came to be known as the Buddha or  The Enlightened One.
  4. The pond adjacent to the temple ( known in Tamil as " Theppakulam " ) has two " pipal trees " on its banks, one each on the west and south sides.
  5. Mahatma Gandhi had stopped under a large pipal tree next to the lake, no bigger than a small pond in the middle of a vast expanse of mud during March, 1930.


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