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  1. An example is Pipal Tree Ventures Private Limited, which trains rural youth in various construction and infrastructure-related skills and has found a way for rural youth to get out of poverty.
  2. Near this well there is a separate monument constructed similar to Hindu architecture near the pipal tree, which is believed to be the place where Ayya use to rest as per a legendary.
  3. A Place beneath the Pipal Tree is about three generations of Sherpa women and their relationship with their own people, the monastic order in a famous monastery, and the ruling elite of Nepal.
  4. According to Vamana Purana 32.1-4, the Sarasvati was rising from the Plaksa tree ( Pipal tree ) . " Plaksa Pra-sravana " denotes the place where the Sarasvati appears.
  5. It was the main shelter for Indian fighters during the 1857 mutiny, and is noted for a Pipal tree where about 500 freedom fighter were hanged by the British Government in action after the murder of General Fort.


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