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  1. The predominance of female figurines and seals depicting a horned goddess in association with the sacred pipal tree are generally regarded as evidence of the worship of a mother goddess who presided over fertility and birth and who may have acted as guardian and protector of the dead.
  2. Gulmohars and jacarandas were planted by the British along the avenues of Civil Lines, as were other flowering trees, while the Old City contains almost no vegetation or parks, except for a few isolated pipal trees, holy to the Hindus, as it is supposed to be the abode of Lord Shiva.
  3. The band spent their early years, from 1999 to 2003, touring Asia, Europe, and America continuously, and released two studio albums, " Under the Pipal Tree " ( 2001 ) and " One Step More and You Die " ( 2002 ) on the Tzadik and Music Mine Inc . record labels, respectively.
  4. On the day of ceremony, the king, wearing the " Somdeo ", or image of his tutelary deity, and carrying in his hand the " Hengdan " or ancestral sword, proceeded on a male elephant, followed by his chief queen in a female elephant, to Charaideo, where he planted a pipal tree ( ficus religiosa ).
  5. (2 ) on that place, in ancient time there was a king is called sapahi naresh . there was a tree where lord shiva jyotir ling situated, where was a pipal tree . one day king's munim said to king, the tree is destroying our crops, then king told him ok if you don't mind you can cut the tree, the washer man also say that yes king this is right to cut the tree . if you cut the tree much crops will be saved . when king gave the permission to cut the tree, After the cutting tree, there are many jyotirling comes from the roots in different colours . then after heaven word said by the god if there lala and washer man live in this place i will destroy his whole family, till nowadays there is no any lala and washer man live in this place.


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