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  1. Near this well there is a separate monument constructed similar to Hindu architecture near the pipal tree, which is believed to be the place where Ayya use to rest as per a legendary.
  2. Uma Shah is married to Dr Krishna Hamal of Pipal Bhanjyang, Udaypur district of Nepal, currently residing in Canberra, Australia, and they have two daughters ( Natasha and Abhilasha ).
  3. A Place beneath the Pipal Tree is about three generations of Sherpa women and their relationship with their own people, the monastic order in a famous monastery, and the ruling elite of Nepal.
  4. Policemen fired at attackers from a Maoist group in Pipal village of Rukum district, 320 kilometers ( 200 miles ) northwest of Katmandu, said Gopendra Bahadur Pandey, a spokesman of the home ministry.
  5. A living pipal at Anuradhapura, Ceylon ( now Sri Lanka ), is said to have grown from a cutting from the Bo tree sent to that city by King Ashoka in the 3rd century BCE.


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