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  1. He was poisoned with domoic acid .
    彼は ドウモイ酸を飲まされてた
  2. I think brock may have been poisoned with something called ricin .
    ブロックは毒を飲んだかも 確かシリンという名の
  3. Or his mind is poisoned with whiskey .
  4. Nor do i think it's a coincidence that he was poisoned with the same agent used to kill your father .
    君の父親が亡くなったのと同じ薬物で 彼が死んだのは 偶然ではないと 僕が思ってるからだ
  5. So , preceding the interview , you are going to shake kim's hand , administering a fatal dose of poison with this , a transdermal timedelayed ricin strip .
    インタビューを優先させる キムと握手する 毒の致死量を管理
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