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  1. Porro prism binoculars and roof prism binoculars using the Abbe Koenig roof prism do not use dielectric coatings because these prisms reflect with very high reflectivity using total internal reflection in the prism rather than requiring a mirror coating.
  2. In optics, a "'Porro prism "', named for its inventor Ignazio Porro, is a type of " reflection prism " used in optical instruments to alter the orientation of an image.
  3. Furthermore, the roof prism has no displacement and a deviation typically between 45?and 90? while in a single porro prism the beam is typically deviated by 180?and displaced by a distance of at least one beam diameter.
  4. The necessary mirror coating not only adds an additional manufacturing step, but it makes the Schmidt Pechan roof prism more lossy than the other image erectors using Porro prism or Abbe Koenig prism that rely only on total internal reflections.
  5. The distinction between a roof prism and a porro prism is that for the roof prism the roof edge lies in the same plane as entrance and exit beam, while for a porro prism the ( left out ) roof edge is orthogonal to the plane formed by the beams.


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