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  1. The doctors suggest that Uncle Porson should go stay at his house in France to get away from England s cold and dreary climate, and the Monk and Porson duos leave immediately.
  2. He numbered among his friends authors and scholars of his time, such as Thomas Gray, Richard Porson, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Thomas Love Peacock, William Herschel, and William Whewell.
  3. This breaks Porson's Law, because-???? in ?????? is long, occurs at the third anceps, and is followed by word break-and therefore Euripides cannot have written it.
  4. At least two scholars, antiquary Joseph Ritson and classicist Richard Porson, correctly recognised the documents as forgeries, and editor Henry Bate Dudley started lampooning the papers as early as 17 February 1795.
  5. Friedrich August Wolf was the real creator of Greek scholarship in modern Germany, and Richard Porson's gibe that " the Germans in Greek are sadly to seek " had some truth in it.


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