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  1. In the following five years he twice won the Porson Prize for Greek verse composition, the Browne medal for Latin and Greek poetry, and the Charles Oldham Classical Scholarship.
  2. Whiter was a friend of Richard Porson, who had a habit of adding marginalia to books which Whiter owned; many of these annotations were subsequently collected and published independently.
  3. After Porson's death ( 1808 ) Dobree was commissioned with James Henry Monk and Charles James Blomfield to edit his literary remains, which had been bequeathed to Trinity College.
  4. Finally, Porson's Law is observed, which means here that if the first or third anceps is long, there cannot be a word-break after that anceps.
  5. He became a student of Trinity College, Cambridge in October 1829 . In 1832, and again in 1833, he obtained the university's Porson Prize for Greek iambics.


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