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  1. You know , i've been stuck down at city hall all morning doing press on these gang killings
    例の殺人事件で忙しくてね 確認してみよう
  2. Press on his wound !
  3. Progress could not be made while wearing armor , so the treasured minamoto clan armor and weapons were abandoned as they pressed on .
  4. But he pushed me out of the way and he started pressing on my brother's chest again and again and again until my brother spat out half of the rhoyne and cried out .
    しかし彼は私を押しのけた そして彼は弟の胸を圧迫しだした 何度も繰り返し
  5. Amusing anecdotes are told about him as follows: he talked about women with his friends , he ate a deep-fried dragonfly , he pressed on a notebook his own made stamp with a design of a container of mosquito repellent stick .
    「帚木 (源氏物語)」をした、トンボを油で揚げて食べた、蚊取り線香の容器型のスタンプを作ってノートに押したなどの逸話も伝わっている。


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