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  1. Additionally, paint with low white lead levels was applied as a thin primer coat to some pre-fabricated domestic wooden windows until the early 1980s.
  2. McEnroe said, explaining that for badly chalking surfaces it was necessary to use a primer coat of a product the company manufactures called EasyMix E-B EmulsaBond.
  3. A . Two reasons for the chipping : Too many primer coats were applied ( one is enough to allow paint to stick ), and all coats were put on too thickly.
  4. A typical organic coil coating line consists of decoilers, entry strip accumulator, cleaning, chemical pretreatment, primer coat application, curing, final coat application, curing, exit accumulator and recoilers.
  5. One glimpse of a Bulls team that has been stripped to its primer coat, and they knew this once glorious day of drama had become nothing more than a staged practice session for the Knicks.


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