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  1. Apply a prime coat of a stain-killing sealer such as Kilz or BIN, and when this dries apply two coats of a good semi-gloss alkyd enamel, sanding lightly between coats.
  2. Sometimes it can be recycled : Old paint may be usable for a primer coat or an intermediate coat, and paints of similar chemistry can be mixed to make a larger amount of a uniform color.
  3. I can remember a time in the Ozarks when a good, big raccoon in prime coat, without too many bullet holes and not too much chewed on by the dogs, fetched $ 35, sometimes $ 40.
  4. "Lyd " was first steamed on 2 May 2010 during Ffestiniog's " Quirks and Curiosities " event . " Lyd " was repainted into a primer coat black in July 2010.
  5. Because it is compatible with most other finishes, shellac is also used as a barrier or primer coat on wood to prevent the bleeding of resin or pigments into the final finish, or to prevent wood stain from blotching.


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