priming coatsの例文


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  1. But when using these over a dark stain there is a chance that some of the dark color will " bleed " through the white later on, so it might be advisable to apply a prime coat of a stain-killing sealer.
  2. Peel off the Bulls'colorful glossy layer and there is a primer coat of defense, one that placed Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman among the top seven in the voting for the National Basketball Association's defensive player of the year award.
  3. Peterson leaves color choice to the individual, but he has very specific directions for the paint : It must be a high quality oil base or acrylic latex enamel and a primer coat is a necessity, followed by two coats of enamel _ satin or shinier finish.
  4. Bob used the callsigns Moreno and Whippoorwill in early operations however they appear to have been compromised so he currently goes by the call sign " Cool Breeze . " Bob drives a vintage mustang with just the primer coat which he sells in order to better provide for his family.


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