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  1. This semantic priming effect with words that are close in meaning within the cognitive network has been seen in a wide range of tasks given by experimenters, ranging from sentence verification to lexical decision and naming.
  2. When the Works Progress Adminstration gave a job as a seamstress to a destitute widow in Ossining, N . Y ., it not only fed one family but had a pump-priming effect on the entire economy.
  3. Moreover, the time-course of priming was always the same ( increasing priming effect with increasing SOA ), no matter whether the primes were visible or invisible and no matter whether visibility increased or decreased with SOA.
  4. The theory therefore leads to the controversial thesis that response priming effects are a measure of preconscious processing of visual stimuli, which may be qualitatively different from the way those stimuli are finally represented in visual awareness.
  5. This supported the theory that morphemes are used during the processing of compound words because the priming effect was only reduced when the letters were switched over the morpheme boundary and were unable to separate into their separate parts.


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