priming effectの例文


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  1. Experiments show that the time-course of the response priming effect ( increasing effects with increasing SOA ) is independent of the degree and time-course of masking.
  2. However, further research with more semantically related word pairs across the range of relatedness would be needed to examine the boundary conditions of this priming effect.
  3. Research also demonstrated that these acronyms would still prime related information despite inaccurate capitalization ( i . e .-bbc had the same priming effects as BBC ).
  4. Although most changes have been documented in C and N pools, the priming effect can also be found in phosphorus and sulfur, as well as other nutrients.
  5. L鰄nis was the first to discover the priming effect phenomenon in 1926 through his studies of green manure decomposition and its effects on legume plants in soil.


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