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  1. "There are real dollars to be made in historic preservation, " said Listokin, noting that its " economic pump-priming effect " was greater than some alternative investments.
  2. On the word identification test of implicit memory, however, the priming effect was severely reduced by the change in modality from the studying part to the testing part.
  3. Beech interprets the relative weakness of the negative priming effect in schizotypes as a sign that  inhibition of distracting information is reduced in schizophrenia and high schizotypes.
  4. Given the powerful economic pump-priming effect of historic preservation, public programs to foster preservation can realize sizable economic development gains often at little or no cost to the taxpayer.
  5. The phenomenon of semantic activation without conscious identification ( SAWCI ) is said to be displayed when a person shows a priming effect from the processing of consciously undetectable words.


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