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  1. In 1926 a new regulation limited the maximum speed of privately owned boats to 12 knots; having a faster boat needed a special permit.
  2. The privately owned boat had been heading south in Lake Tanganyika from Bujumbura to the Tanzanian port of Kigoma when the rebels seized it.
  3. There is also a sailing school, a children's clubhouse complete with pirate ship, a fitness center, tennis courts, an 85-slip marina for privately owned boats and five restaurants.
  4. They will also custom craft a piece from the bones of a privately owned boat, for the captain who can't quite let go of an old, salty friend.
  5. Depending on the tide and the wind, it took the Floyds four to six hours to sail in their privately owned boats from the Cabin Bluff dock to St . Marys.


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