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  1. Victims have sought refuge in trees, and small privately owned boats have been ferrying supplies into the area, said Francisco Massingue, administrator of the Inhambane District that was worst hit by the floods.
  2. State media had said the privately owned boat was carrying 51 passengers, about 20 more than it should have, and that 10 were killed when it hit rocks on its way to Hechuan's Taihe town.
  3. On Saturday, a riot broke out in the town of 2, 800 residents when a mob set fire to three Fisheries Department vessels, another privately owned boat, a fish processing plant, and a Fisheries Department warehouse.
  4. Other volunteers and Coast Guard Auxiliary members formed what was termed the Temporary Reserve and they generally served without pay, receiving only reimbursement for fuel expenses on their privately owned boats to perform coastal patrols and port security.
  5. -- Worldwide Bed and Breakfast, based in Newport Beach, Calif ., offers accommodations on nine privately owned boats docked in that city's exclusive Little Marina Village; on two boats in San Diego; and three boats in Ensenada, Mexico.


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