privately owned carsの例文


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  1. Last month, 31 counties in New York and Pennsylvania backed away from a voluntary commitment to reduce smog by burning a more expensive blend of gasoline in privately owned cars.
  2. But a privately owned car is not an airliner, and the black box in a car is part of the car, and thus is the property of the car owner.
  3. The latest statistics from the Beijing Municipal Statistics Bureau show that Beijing had nearly 1.3 million privately owned cars at the end of 2004 or 11 for each 100 Beijing residents.
  4. First built as a loco by the railway company in 1900 and later rebuilt with wagon bodies on either side, this privately owned car is the only locomotive on the line.
  5. By 1900, the company listed over 12, 000 units on its roster ( one-third of all the privately owned cars in the country ), all built in Armour's own car plant.


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